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【Luts】Special Event for MODEL DELF

MAAL Reverie / 2017-09-28
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To celebrate MODEL DELF BODY RENEWAL, we start events for Model Delf lovers! 
1. MODEL DELF owner limited special sale - Faborable Price Event

For Model Delf Owner only, we sell Model Delf new type with 25% discounted price. (Model Delf BOY) (Model Delf GIRL)

SALE PERIOD : 25th Sep 12:00 ~ 25th Oct 17:00, 2017 (Korean Time)
TARGET : The owner of Model Delf

- Photo of your doll with written ID/name memo need to be confirmed before the order. Unless, the order is canceled without notice. 
- You don't need to send to us the established doll.

2. Free gift clothes for MODEL DELF

PERIOD : 25th Sep 12:00 ~ 25th Oct 17:00, 2017 (Korean Time)

TARGET : All Model Delf doll order in the event period

ITEM : Gift clothes for Model Delf

* This event is free clothes event for Model Delf DOLL order. 
* This item is offered per a Model Delf. (e.g. 1 clothes set for a doll / 2 sets for 2 dolls order)
* Order through Agents / Favorable price Model Delf order is not counted for this event. 

If you have inquiry about this, please contact us

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