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【Luts】 Kid Delf Full Set

MAAL Reverie / 2018-02-06
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 We announce the sale of 'Kid Delf Full Set’

Item: Kid Delf Full set

Released on: 2nd Feb 2018 (Fri) 12:00~ (KST)

Kid Delf Full Set A  <-Link

Kid Delf Full Set B  <-Link

Kid Delf Full Set C <-Link

Kid Delf Full Set D <-Link

Kid Delf Full Set E <-Link

*10% discounted price than normal items.

*Head type selectable.

*The body is offered as TYPE 2 (Multi body) only.

*Face-up is offerd as basic face-up of the choosen head.

*Please choose the skin color. Available option is NORMAL / WHITE / BROWN. The rest of skin color is not available.

*Not available for Agents.

*This is limited item, only limited quantity is offered.

*This item is not counted as event event order target.

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