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Magical Mini

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"Magical Mini" Limited Release!!



The long-faced Mini returned to the "Magical Mini".

It is a mini psychic with attractive expressionless face & strange mood.

It is only available in 50-piece quantities, and you can choose from costume, wig and shoes options.

However, only 5 outfits are available, so they can be sold out early..

Especially, the make-up of the magical mini is accepted only within this quantity.

Thank you.

Sale : Oct 17th 2017 ~ until sold out.  










 - Mini head(Limited Face-up) + Love type Girl Body, Default Eye, Guarantee card, Doll Cushion, Doll Box.  


   (Face-up, Outfit and Shoes not included)




- Makeup :(+ $45) 

- Skin Color : Normal Skin / White Skin / Suntan Skin (+ $40) 

- Default Wig : MH-Love-014(Color Random),  MH-Love-027(Color Random)MH-Love-036(Color Random) - (+ $18), Country Girl Custom wig(6~7 inch) - (+$28) 

- Magical Outfit : Magical Outfit(+ $120) 

- Shoes: MH-Love26-014 #White - Custom Shoes(+ $32)  



- Wig Size : Country Girl Custom wig(6~7 inch) 

- Shoes Size : MH-Love26-014 #White - Custom Shoes

- Eye Size : Gloden Butterfly (023) - 16mm (OscarDoll) 

- Limited Outfit : Dress, Underskirt, Cape, Brooch, Hat, Necklace, Stocking. (By Princess-Doll) 

Face up : Limited Face up (By Nornen)





 - For this product, Layaway is possible.  


- Before order, please check FAQ or contact us for your inquiries.

- Head and body are assembled before shipping.

- Eyes are not fixed in the head to prevent from damage during shipping.  
Please set eyes in your favorite direction by using the putty included.

- Eyes are made in China, and not same as a picture.
Please link below for checking the default eyes of Migidoll.
And Chinese eyes can be different slightly for overall quality like as iris line, curvature & etc., please understand.

* Default eye image Link.

- Migidoll's make-up is manufactured by outsourcing.
And the production is started after copy, it will take 2 ~ 3 weeks additionally if you add a make-up.

- As a make-up is handmade, it is not same as a picture perfectly.
Therefore, please note this handwork can make a little difference on the depth of color, the color sense, lines & etc.,
and can be viewed differently according to one’s monitor & light.

- All the Migidoll dolls are handwork. (except for Migidoll Guy body)
Due to the characteristics of handwork, there will be a little asymmetry.
Therefore, please give careful consideration to order.

- We can not accept A/S or refund about possible phenomena in resin manufacturing process.
* Gate clearance marks appearing in the finishing process.
* Minimal bubbles and scratches, fine dust except head face.
* Slight color difference between body parts, color difference of additional order parts and main body.
* Additional ester trace for removal of residual release agent.
* Minute bubbles and urethane stains on tanning colors and special skins, ester marks for gate removal.

- Delivery speed : around 7 ~ 8 weeks after payment (around 8 ~ 9 weeks for make-up)
It can be advanced or delayed by operation, natural disaster, abnormal supply of products & etc., please kindly understand.

- The skin color can be vary depending on your monitor setting


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