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Honey Delf GABRIEL ver2

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 Can be shipped within 35-45 business days. (without makeup option)
* Designed, sculpted by LUTS ORIGINAL CREATORS TEAM.
* Manufactured 
to be sold ONLY by LUTS



  • This is pre-order doll so that it is impossible to cancel or change order after confirm payment. 


  • If there happens shipping damage or shipping mistake of wrong item, please contact us through MESSAGE / EMAIL immediately. ^^
  • We will deal with your problem as soon as we can. 

The accident must be reported within 7 days since the package is arrived. 
Customed doll (makeup, sanding or any kinds of change of doll shape) by customer can not be returned.

  • It is impossible to change doll's parts which is not offered as option.
  • COLOR on webpage could be slightly different from real color depending on monitor or PC setting.  





Honey Delf GABRIEL ver2


20th April, 2018 (KST) ~


Assembled Doll, Glass eyes(Random Color), LUTS basic Box with two blankets, manual, certification card.

(Face-up, Wig and Clothes are not included)


* Honey Delf GABRIEL ver.2 head is as same as Petite Delf GABRIEL head.

(Neck hole was customized for Honey Delf body)

* This is not limited doll.

* Light Tan and Tanned Skin charges extra fee.

* This is pre-order doll so that it is impossible to cancel or change order after confirm payment.

* It takes 45 business day to be shipped. (exclude weekend and holidays)

* COLOR on webpage could be slightly different from real color depending on monitor or PC setting.

* If you add face-up it could be take 3~4 weeks more.


Wig: CDW-259 (Soft Blond) -Heat Resistant Fiber


Shoes: HDS-37 (White)

Clothes: HDF Strawberry Princess Set (Yellow)


Sculptor : LUTS Creative Team

Make up : LUTS Creative Team

Photo : Hyun

Creative director : LUTS Creative Team







Honey Delf TARTE



Includes : 

* Assembled Honey Delf TARTE
* Eyes:
 14-16mm (Random Color) 
* Luts Box for Honey Delf with two blankets

* Modified neck part should help new delf dolls to be compatible with the other size delf ones.


* The makeup, wig and outfit in the pictures are NOT included



Available Skin Colors


Additional Order Option






Size Data

* Tall : 26cm (head included)

* Girth of head : 6.4 inch

* Girth of neck : 6cm

* Girth of chest : 13cm

* Girth of waist : 12cm

* Girth of hips : 14cm

* Length of "from shoulder to wrist" : 7cm

* Length of back : 6cm

* Length of thigh : 6cm

* Length of calf : 5cm 

* Girth of ankle : 4.8cm

* Foot : 4cm

*** The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product ***


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